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Powers of 6

Powers of 6 are the numbers of the form 6n = y. They have 6 as base and are pronounced six to the power of n. The power is usually an integer or rational number, yet, by definition, n is a real number. In this category you can find the powers of 6 for all values between -100 and 100, including 0. Apart from the power of six for these values of n also called index or exponent, here you can additionally find a calculator for any rational base and power, including 6. On our site there are quite a number of power of 6 category pages, so instead of navigating from one page to the next, you may also use our search form to locate any power of six. Depending on your device, you can find the form in the sidebar or at the bottom of this category 6 page. Regarding the notation of a base 6 number, this is usually done by means of superscript, but the caret symbol can also be used like this: 6^n. If you are looking for more infos than already provided in our individual posts, for example, in 6 to the 5th power, then check out our home page. Alternatively, you may use the comment form or send us an email if something about a power of 6 remains unclear.