2 to the 80th Power

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The number 2 is called the base, and the number 80 is called the exponent. In this post we are going to answer the question what is 2 to the 80th power.

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What is 2 to the 80th Power?

2 to the 80th power is conventionally written as 280, with superscript for the exponent, but the notation using the caret symbol ^ can also be seen frequently: 2^80.

280 stands for the mathematical operation exponentiation of two by the power of eighty.

As the exponent is a positive integer, exponentiation means a repeated multiplication:

2 to the 80th power = \underbrace{ {\rm 2 \times\thinspace ... \times\thinspace 2} }_{\rm 80 \thickspace times}

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The exponent of the number 2, 80, also called index or power, denotes how many times to multiply the base (2).

Thus, we can answer what is 2 to the 80th power as

2 to the power of 80 = 280 = 12089 2581961462 9174706176.

If you have come here in search of an exponentiation different to 2 to the eightieth power, or if you like to experiment with bases and indices, then use our calculator below.

To stick with 2 to the power of 80 as an example, insert 2 for the base and enter 80 as the index, also known as exponent or power.

Next, hit the convert button, then check the result.

2 to the 80th power is an exponentiation which belongs to the category powers of 2.

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2 to the Power of 80

Reading all of the above, you already know most about 2 to the power of 80, except for its inverse which is discussed a bit further below in this section.

Using the aforementioned search form you can look up many numbers, including, for instance, 2 to the power 80, and you will be taken to a result page with relevant posts.

Now, we would like to show you what the inverse operation of 2 to the 80th power, (280)−1, is. The inverse is the 80th root of 280, and the math goes as follows:

= \sqrt[80]{2^{80}}
= 2^{80/80}
= 2^{1}
= 2

Because the index of 80 is a multiple of 2, which is even, in contrast to odd numbers, the operation produces two results: (280)−1 = \pm 2; the positive value is the principal root.

Make sure to understand that exponentiation is not commutative, which means that 280 ≠ 802, and also note that (280)-1 ≠ 2-80, the inverse and reciprocal of 280, respectively.

You already know what 2 to the power of 80 equals, but you may also be interested in learning what 2 to the negative 80th power stands for.

Next is the summary of our content.

Two to the Eightieth Power

You have reached the concluding section of two to the eightieth power = 280. Two to the eightieth power is, for example, the same as 2 to the power 80 or 2 to the 80 power.

Exponentiations like 280 make it easier to write multiplications and to conduct math operations as numbers get either big or small, such as in case of decimal fractions with lots of trailing zeroes.

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